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Corten steel is a strong, weather-resistant steel with exceptional aging properties and corrosion resistance. When exposed to precipitation and weather conditions, the surface of Corten steel is covered with a brown color layer - patina. It is a special feature of this metal that the patina formed on the surface acts as a protective layer. Corten steel contains chromium, copper and nickel, which promotes oxidation and makes the steel exceptional.

This steel blends perfectly into most spaces. Its unique appearance and exceptional properties are highly desirable materials in architecture. It is often used to make landscape details, facades, fences, lighting fixtures and other outdoor and indoor elements.


Collection ROGĖ

Collection “ROGĖ” was created in collaboration with designer Inga Stanevičienė. The direction of minimalism was chosen and elements were added to give a heavy outdoor product a feeling of lightness and uplift.

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Production according to individual design

Collection FORMA

The FORMA collection is designed for durability with a minimalist approach to design. All excess details are removed, leaving only what is functional and necessary. This avoids visual noise so that the products in the collection blend in with the exterior and contribute to a harmonious whole.



Vision generation


Visualization of an idea


Production of drawings


Metal processing



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